Olivier Salon hopes to bring top-of-the-line beauty and pampering influenced by high-end fashion to Fort Lauderdale.

From the outside one can peer through the giant glass windows into a well lit spacious room. The room is elegantly furnished with salon chairs, giant mirrors and guests who seem to enjoy luxury high-end pampering. The huge windows instigate the curiosity of any passerby eager to look into Stephane “Olivier” Manoury’s newly opened hair salon in Fort Lauderdale. Olivier is a seasoned artist, extremely familiar with the fashion and beauty industry, who created a multipurpose salon that exceeds expectations of standard beauty care. His salon is designed to accommodate a variety of specialties and services such as hair care, nail care, waxing, hair coloring, makeup, lash extensions, facials, and cosmetic internal medicine professional care. .

The salon distinguishes itself through not only its functionality but in its luxurious atmosphere and exclusive care. Guests are made to feel exceptionally well and pampered with the wide array of services and experts available. As Olivier himself described it, “there is nothing like us out there right now.” His salon boasts 3,000 square feet, with custom-made furniture (which he designed himself), different sectors separating the services and exclusive lines of products and jewelry. Olivier has signed an exclusivity contract with French deluxe hair product brand, Leonor Greyl. In addition, he also partners with brands such as Keune, Davines and Image Skincare. All of that on top of his own makeup brand, which is both sold and applied in store, along with a retail stand of Sophil jewelry. Olivier also seeks to connect with the community through a series of charitable events. In the next coming months, he is hosting and participating in two breast cancer awareness events, where he will use his business to give to a greater cause.

Olivier runs a remarkable business with the highest standards of care. He says he leads his team with the idea that growth is a process achieved by those who seek it by giving and receiving. “It is through that process that they learn something new every day,” he shares. With this vision, he inspires a unique atmosphere where guests can enjoy pampering with class and style. In his words, he “is not here to repeat but to create.”


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