This Thanksgiving, why not make your meal a bit more Floridian?

FWAYGO Rum Hard Cider

In their home off Federal Highway down by the port, the South Florida Distillery boys are always cooking up something. Products range from the classic Fwaygo White Rum to Florida Kush Anejo Agave Spirit, Ziami Ruby Rush Rum and more. And if you don’t know what to do with their wares, they’ve got suggestions – like their in-the-fall-holiday spirit recipe for hard cider. Take 1.5 ounce of Fwaygo White Rum, one teaspoon of honey, one stick of cinnamon and six ounces of apple cider. Heat the cider, add the honey, stir with the stick, let it sit a couple minutes and crucially, add the rum. Suddenly, Uncle Dave’s Thanksgiving politics talk won’t seem so bad.

Fresh Grouper

We’re just going to put this out there – grouper is the turkey of the sea. And really, anybody in any part of America can have turkey on the big day. Why not make our festive table a bit more Floridian? (Anyway, there’s room for turkey next to the grouper if Aunt Agnes really objects.)

One place you can go for the fresh stuff is Sea Salt Fish Market. In addition to working with local fishermen for fresh, locally caught products, they cook and smoke their own on premises. (Note: they do a great line in fish dip.) Need a recipe for that soon-to-be-traditional Thanksgiving grouper? Check their website, which is full of good seafood recipes.

Jerk Turkey

We don’t disrespect the noble turkey, but sometimes even the grandest of dishes needs a bit of spicing up. Is jerk turkey a thing? You’d better believe it is. Recipes abound on the internet; all you need is some good jerk seasoning and a tall glass of something cold for anybody caught unawares.

There are any number of places to go for your authentic jerk spices; one longtime favorite is Broward Meat and Fish Company. The Caribbean specialist grocery store’s a fun place to spend some time; if you’re not already familiar with the cuisines of the islands, be prepared to stay awhile and come away with some new products and knowledge.

Mango Chutney

Cranberries are fine. Nobody’s saying you can’t have cranberries. Viva la cranberry. But, you know, there are other fruits? Tropical fruits? Fruits you may have in your own backyard? This Thanksgiving, maybe give mango a try. A homemade mango chutney can be fun, but if you’ve already got enough Turkey Day prep to do, it’s perfectly fine to pick some up at the shop. At the corner of Oakland and Andrews, Little Market of Broward offers chutneys alongside many other South Asian products. (They also sell Bollywood films, in case you want to start another new Thanksgiving family tradition.)


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