When the trick-or-treaters come around, all you really need is the massive bag of candy, the rest of which is going into the office on November 1 because there were fewer trick-or-treaters than you anticipated. But if you’re having people over for a Halloween party (or, you know, any other party), here are a few different kinds of local sweets that also go down a treat.

1. Stork’s Storkberry Pie

What’s the best thing on the menu at the Wilton Manors institution that is Stork’s Bakery and Coffee House? We have no idea, but we’re willing to continue our extensive research. For all the flavors, though, you can’t beat a slice or four of Storkberry – that’s cake made with blueberry, blackberry, cherry, raspberry and strawberry. storksbakery.com

2. Godiva Truffle Flight

Remember when “eating at the mall” meant hitting the food court? Granted, you shouldn’t stop into the Godiva shop in the Galleria for one of your five-a-day. But man, for a fancier-than-a-tiny-Halloween-Snickers treat, this takes some beating. If you’re trying to be reasonable, go with the Patisserie Dessert Truffle Flight – six delectable truffles of varied flavors. If you’re not trying to be reasonable … well, you’re in the right place. godiva.com

3. Funky Buddha Sticky Treats

Want to drink your treat? No problem – Funky Buddha has that technology. Part of the FB Goodness Series that’s available through November, Sticky Treats is a rice blonde ale with notes of vanilla – conceptually, Rice Krispy Treats in a bottle. funkybuddhabrewery.com

4. A Gourmet Garden Smoothie

Healthy and sweet is a thing. Not every treat has to call up a mental image of your doctor sadly shaking her head. Gourmet Garden’s one of our favorite smoothie stops (they also do excellent, healthful meals). They’ve got a fun smoothie menu, although often we’re more in a mood to build our own. Sweetness of our own devising – sweet! gourmetgardencafe.com

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