DINE Fort Lauderdale – Fort Lauderdale Magazine’s multi-course wine-and-dinner series at our city’s top restaurants – culminates in a fusion experience on April 18th at The Grateful Palate. The grand finale features the head chefs from each restaurant coming together to bring to life a five-course dinner (each course paired with a different wine) on one special night! Welcome drinks will be provided by French aperitif Lillet. An auction will be held to benefit The Emeril Lagasse Foundation.

Shooters Waterfront – Chef James Cawley

Chef James Cawley, events & banquet executive chef for Shooters Waterfront and Grateful Palate Catering and Events, loves food with a hint of the Floridian and the Southern. So it works out well that he gets to put together a quintessentially Floridian menu at a true Fort Lauderdale landmark.

The Capital Grille – Chef Marc Gruverman

Chef Marc Gruverman is the man behind The Capital Grille’s elegant yet unpretentious fare. He works with everybody from the restaurant’s in-house butcher to the sommelier to create an experience that’s both bespoke and universal.

Arc Culinary – Chef Juan Peralta

Executive chef Juan Peralta has worked with some of the biggest names in South Florida cuisine, and he and his team can come up with unique, compelling menus for any sort of event. There’s no one kind of food or type of event – Peralta’s skill set is diverse. And it’s all for a great cause – money goes into Arc’s job placement program for people with developmental disabilities and other life challenges.

Farm to Fork Meals – Chef Michael Panza

Chef Michael Panza takes skills mastered through his culinary residency in Italy and provides his gourmet touch to our fusion experience. He specializes in using all-natural, organic food.

The Grateful Palate Catering & Events – Chef Brian Cornelius

Executive chef Brian Cornelius’ love for cooking was inspired by watching his grandmother’s passion for baking at a local church in his home state of New York. In the kitchen, Cornelius caters to fans of comfort fare and fresh seafood while specializing in gluten-free dishes and creative gluten alternatives.

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