Want to get out on the water under your own power but don’t know where to start? We’ve got a few suggestions.

1. Fishing kayak – Predator 13 Angler

Made for keeping you close to the water and battling fish, this is a top-of-the-line product for serious fishermen. It’s well designed and well thought out to keep you comfortable on the water for hours. This one’s definitely for bringing home dinner.
Buy it for: $1,399.99
Find it at: West Marine, 2401 S Andrews Ave.

2. Paddleboard – Sunrise Paddleboards

How’s this for one-stop shopping: Buy your paddleboard from a paddleboard company that also runs paddleboard lessons and tours from the waterfront building that houses the showroom. Sunrise paddleboards come in several different sizes and all sorts of colors – and if you need help, experts are right there in a building that backs onto the Middle River.
Buy it for: varied prices depending on size.
Find it at: Sunrise Paddleboards, 2520 N. Federal Hwy.

3. Pedal kayak – Slayer Propel 13

Love bicycling? Want to transfer that love to the water? Pedal kayaks are a bit different, but they definitely offer a certain sort of full-body workout.
Buy it for: $2,599
Find it at: Liquid Surf and Sail, 681 E Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park.

4. Double kayak – Malibu 2 XL

Whether it’s on-the-water date night or taking the kid out for some nature, a two-seater kayak can be a practical thing. The Malibu’s stable and sturdy – and it handles well if you’re in it by yourself, too.
Buy it for: $899.99
Find it at: Adventure Sports, 741 SE 17th St.

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