For our money, no month offers as many good times, interesting holidays and opportunities for considering history and the wider world as May. Here is a handful of our favorites, and where to celebrate locally.

1. May 1: May Day

The international workers’ holiday isn’t typically celebrated as widely in the US – our Labor Day tends to steal its thunder. But this year, why not raise a glass in solidarity with workers around the world? Where to celebrate: Invasive Species Brewery and Taproom. Celebrate workers by drinking local, independent beer brewed by workers in your neighborhood.

2. May 5: Cinco de Mayo

This celebration of Mexico seems to get bigger every year, as it should. Where to celebrate: Rocco’s Tacos. The Las Olas Mexican cuisine masters’ CDM party is tough to beat.

3. May 13: Mother’s Day

This one seems self-explanatory. C’mon everybody, treat Mom right. Where to celebrate: Steak 954. From mid-morning on Sundays, the oceanfront spot goes from steak to brunch with style.

4. May 16: Ramadan begins

Yes, it’s about fasting during the day – but did we mention the amazing food on offer when the sun goes down? Where to celebrate: Shishka Lebanese Grill. Sumptuous Lebanese food at Pompano Citi Place.

5. May 28: Memorial Day

A long weekend, but also a day for reflection and gratitude. Where to celebrate: We recommend a classic South Florida meal at the Rustic Inn, followed by a visit to the nearby Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum.


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