Beyond Ikea

The Nordic Design Company, 608 SW Fourth Ave., 954.873.0680,
The Nordic Design Company is owned by two Swedish women, Viveka and Johanna. Both moved to Florida and brought their love and appreciation of airy spaces and clean lines. Nordic Design is committed to creating homes that are both functional and beautiful. They give homeowners help creating a new space or renovating an old one. Viveka and Johanna believe in meeting the needs of a family, and as they say, “furnish for a family and not around it.”

Las Olas Wins Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer, 1007 E Las Olas Blvd., 754.206.4517,
A brand synonymous with Palm Beach luxury has come south to Las Olas. Established in Palm Beach in 1959, Lilly Pulitzer is well known for its light, breezy, and colorful clothing. The brand embraces the “sunny side up” lifestyle and positivity. They have a large collection of colorful dresses, swimsuits and even bags. Whether you are looking for a collection piece or a personalized monogrammed one, they have it all.

From Italy, With Love

Opera by Cumar, 1433 NE Fourth Ave., 754.223.3137,
Opera by Cumar is a luxury interiors store focused on made-in-Italy pieces. With careful craftsmanship, Opera’s professional team promises to deliver a high-quality experience with value on great aesthetics and hand‑made products. They aim to give clients something that won’t be found in anybody else’s home with an emphasis on unique and customizable work.


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